Convergence: Work by Canadian and U.S. Women Artists

Maryse Maynard
• mixed media • interactive & found art • installations • painting • masks

Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

I am a graduate of the University of Ottawa’s Fine Arts department (1972)
studying painting under the French master Jean-Marie Pirot, known as ‘Arcabas’.
Prior to this I studied experimental techniques at the Nova Scotia College of Art
and Design in Halifax, N.S. (1969). I was first trained in the Ontario Grade 13
Graphic and Fine Arts programme.
I have completed courses in hand building with clay, performance art and
paper making techniques.

Exhibitions: Selected Solo
Over the years, I have initiated the showing of my work in local venues
where other artists have followed suit. In 1994 I exhibited The Mount
Orford Spirit Keepers at the Earthly Treasures Gallery, Ottawa, and the
Kamloops Public Art Gallery in Kamloops, B.C. The second exhibit was
accompanied by a performance piece. (Invited/artist fee paid)
In 1990 I created a large labyrinthian installation at S.A.W. Gallery which
included many of my box art pieces. It was called Casting Shadows on
the Curtain of the Universe. (Curated/artist fee paid)
In 1988 I showed Sculptural Boxes and Masks at the Justina M. Barnicke
Gallery at the University of Toronto. (Curated/artist fee paid)

Exhibitions: Selected Group
/05: “Convergence: Work by Canadian and U.S. Women Artists”,
Lawrence Arts Center, Lawrence, Kansas, mixed media (catalogue, outside eye)
/04: Studio Five, The School of Dance, clay sculptures (outside eye)
/02 & /03: Open Studios, MainWorks Artists, paintings & sculptures
/02: Karsh-Masson Gallery, Ottawa, mixed media paintings (artist fee paid)
/01: City of Ottawa with Chamber Music Festival, mixed media work (juried)
/98 & /99: Museum of Classical Antiquities, Univ. Ottawa, clay sculpture (catalogues)
/97: Harrison Galleries International, Montreal, mixed media (invited)
/96: Chateau Laurier, Ottawa ‘Vive les Arts”, mixed media (juried with catalogue)
/95: Sun Cities Art Museum, Sun City, Arizona, mixed media (juried)
/91-92: Earthly Treasures Gallery, mixed media (invited)
/85: Gallery Imagier, mixed media (invited)
/84: Festival of the Arts, Ottawa, oil on wood (juried)
I have exhibited annually with groups since 1984.

Exhibitions: Concert Collaborations
From 1987 to 1995 I was the Visual Art Director for the new music group
‘The Pierrot Ensemble’. I initiated collaborations between myself and other
visual artists with musicians and composers. This lead to collaborative efforts
with Canadian composers Harry Somers, Patrick Cardy, Jacques Hétu, Gary
Hayes, Steven Gellman and Louis Applebaum. These works were exhibited
in concerts several years running at the Auditiorium of the National Gallery of
Canada, the Salon of the Museum of Natural Sciences, Centrepointe Theatre,
Nepean, in the Studio of the National Arts Centre, at the Sharon Festival in
Sharon, Ontario, in Peterborough with R. Murray Schaffer and in The Hague,
The Netherlands, as part of our cities’ Cultural Exchange Programme. Prior
to this I worked with composer, Michael Bussiere at Harbourfront, DuMaurier
Theatre, Toronto, and with a small classical music ensemble doing a Handel
Opera in New York City.

Musical commissions with Murray Schafer were for a “Peep and Feel” box
for his “Greatest Show on Earth” and more recently with a multi-media
collaboration with Patrick Cardy for the St.Lawrence String Quartet called “Zodiac
Dances”. Musician René Gosselin of ‘Quartango’ commissioned a work
incorporating slices of wood from his double bass. Painting commissions
include 17 oil canvasses (Vancouver) a 5X6 foot oil (Ottawa) and a large ink and
watercolour for the Royal Ottawa Hospital in Ottawa as well as numerous pen
and ink house portraits.

Currently with The School of Dance & in the past with Encounters Canada,
Carleton Sepaprate School Board, Opera Lyra, National Ballet Outreach
Programme, The Ottawa School of art as well as from my studio.

Artist-in-Residence, The School of Dance, Ottawa, ON (’04-’05)
Artist-in-Residence, Festival of the Arts, Orford, Que. (’93-’96)
Ontario Arts Council Travel Grant (’94)
Ontario Arts Council Exhibition Grant (‘89”)

-Member of the Canadian Artists Representation (C.A.R.)
-Member of the C.A.R. Collective
-Visual Consultant for Espace Musique (1988-91)
-Visual Art Director, Pierrot Ensemble (1987-95)
-Member of the Ottawa Art Gallery
-Member, Northern Nine Artist Collective

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